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Blog for Business: Business Blogging Online – eBusiness Support Programme



We have developed a range of e-business services delivered by specialist Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Advisers, which are available on the BFB Blog.



What does it offer?

  1. Strategic advice on selecting and using new technologies
  2. Local demonstrations and seminars showing you how to benefit from these technologies
  3. Comprehensive IT audit
  4. Coaching and mentoring you through the project lifecycle
  5. Evaluation of project



What are the benefits?

  1. Efficiency gains across a range of business areas (e.g. procurement, production, logistics)
  2. Increased revenues through greater geographical reach and improved customer relations
  3. Greater understanding of your customer base through analysis of information generated by your electronic transactions



E-business success training programme


Practical hands-on e-business training and support for your business
Business Link for London has put together an innovative programme of FREE practical e-business training courses. These will provide you with the specialist knowledge and solutions needed to give your business the edge needed in today’s competitive climate.



You can simply select from a range of half day, full day and two day courses to suit your requirements. The courses available are:


Internet marketing for small businesses (1/2 day)
Make pro?table use of the Internet


Creating an effective website (2 days)
All you need to know to create a simple, effective website, from designing a site in FrontPage to hosting and uploading
Website review (1/2 day)
What makes a website successful? Covers usability, design, content, resources and measurement
e-commerce overview (1/2 day)
All you need to know to enhance your e-commerce performance
Search engine marketing (1/2 day)
Improve your search engine ‘ranking’
Editing digital images (1 day)
Prepare images for effective use on the web
Security and your internet connectivity (1/2 day)*
Covers boradband, spamming, firewalls and virus protection
Building an online store (1/2 day)*
Create a 25 product shop, complete with online payment
Email marketing strategies (1/2 day)*
Learn how to use this cost effective marketing channel
Introduction to creating a data-driven website(1/2 day)*
Explore how to capture data on your website and integrate with a customer database
e-business and the law (1/2 day)*
Includes consumer law, data protection, terms and conditions and privacy law
*These courses may not be available at all training centres.




FREE follow-up workshops are also available to help you to continue the development of your e-business strategy and improve business performance. Further information will be provided on completion of your training course.


The Blog for Business Success programme is delivered on behalf of Blog for Business – Business Blogging Online.

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