Blogging for Clients

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re NOT an aspiring professional blogger. Your main focus is to attract more clients. If blogging can help with that, then hey, let’s talk about it.

Well, good news: blogging is a BIG boon to client attraction. Why? Three Reasons:

1. Attractive Articles. Blogging involves writing helpful articles for your target audience on the topic of your expertise. The great thing is that the content attracts those who are interested in what you do – perfect clients! (Those who aren’t interested wouldn’t be good prospects, would they?)

2. Brand Self-Discovery. Through the discipline of writing articles regularly, you’ll find you gravitate to the same ideas, topics, points of view, theories and perspectives. You’ll notice what kind of people and responses are invoked by certain posts. You’ll find your voice. That voice is a big part of your brand.

3. Dynamic content is magnetic! Search engines love to find new stuff on your site, and guess what? So do humans! If you have a 10 page brochure site and wonder why you don’t get many visitors, it’s because they’ve seen it. Post an article once a month? Whoop-de-do. Your target audience wants to absorb cool info in small chunks on a frequent basis.

Bad news: like most marketing strategies, blogging requires some actual work. Darn! Here are 3 ways to make it easier:

1. Think strategically. If you want to attract clients through a website, you first need to be sure your site is ready to serve them. Put your contact info in a visible spot. Have a form so people can get in touch without having to compose an email from scratch. Offer a free welcome gift in exchange for an email address. There’s no sense in getting 1000 visitors a day if they all bounce away after 29 seconds with no way to follow up with them.

2. Get found. You’re publishing useful articles, because your prospective clients want that information. To find it they’re going to search for keywords and phrases, so learn what those are. Optimize each post by blogging on a single keyword or phrase. Make sure the title tag and url contain that exact phrase.blogging

3. Systemize. Get ideas for blog posts from your keywords – that keeps you on topic, and your topic is what will attract the clients. Write a few short posts (250 words each is plenty) in a sitting on one day and program your blog to auto-post them throughout the week.

Look, I know you’re busy. I’m a small business owner too, NOT a full-time blogger. I’m doing a pretty good job with some of these points and not-so-great with others. But you wanna know something?

I consistently attract clients from my website. Many have specifically said they read several posts on my blog before contacting me.

But I already knew that about them, because I use a free tool called and I can see how visitors move around my site. (I prefer it to Google Analytics, although I use both.) I see which posts attract visitors, which keywords they use to find them and whether they sign up for my ezine or use the contact form.

For example, last fall I posted an old article from my ezine archive, but I gave it a new title, “Does a Solopreneur Need a Brand?” A few days later someone found that article using the keyword phrase “branding for solopreneurs,” and a week later she became my client.

If you’re ready to transform your old, static website into a client-attracting salesman who works 24/7, it’s time to build – or improve – your blog.