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How I Was Successful When I Tried To Sell My Van The Right Way


Getting a quick sale on your used van so that you can buy another car can be just a few days away, especially with the internet and all of the classified websites that are available these days. You usually don’t even have to pay for most of them, and they’re posted almost immediately when you hit the send button. There are some important tips you need to remember, if you want to sell your van online fast.


Take The Extra Time To Clean Your Van, Inside And Outside

People that are shopping for used cars at the local car lots will be used to seeing them completely detailed. That means meticulously washed outside, including the wheels, tires, grill and undercarriage. You can get a good start by taking it to the do it yourself car wash and pressure washing all the grease and road grime off. If you have lots of thick grease, buy a can of foaming engine degreaser at the local auto parts store, and make sure to clean the engine compartment too.


Clean the seats, and make sure you get between, underneath, and in all the cracks that collect food, dirt, and other crusty stuff. Take the spare tire out and clean it and the compartment, plus shampoo all of the carpet in your van as well. When your done cleaning, get some protectant, like Armor All, to make the dashboard, vinyl upholstery, tires, radiator hoses and any plastic or rubber items shine like new.


Take Copious Amounts Of Photos

When you advertise online they usually permit a generous number of photos, then you can post hundreds more on any social sites you belong to like Facebook, Instagram or other sites and place a link in your ad. Take photos of every single part you can imagine, tires, wheel, engine, seats, dashboard with mileage and even your stereo. The more photos you can post from every different angle the more likely you are to sell your van fast online. When I tried to sell my van online without photos, I didn’t get one call, but after adding them, it sold in one day.


Avoid All The Scammers

There will be people calling from all parts of the world wanting buy your van with fake checks, or meet you in the ghetto for a demonstration. Tell them no, don’t even bother trying to accommodate them, they don’t have the money.


Remember, when I tried to sell my van, the first ad I submitted was vague, lacked good descriptions, and had no photos. Once I did it right, there was no problem selling my van quick, I could have sold it five times to all the people that came to look.